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Private consultation and emergencies only in Hoeilaart
​To make an appointment it is possible to do this online via contact page on this site,
or call
             Mon  between   9am en 6pm
             Wed between   9am en 6pm
              Fri     between 9am en 6pm
For emergencies you may always call and we will try to help you as soon as possible.
For new appointments we would like you to be 5 minutes before schedule,so the secretary can make a medical file. Please take all medical records in your possession with you and give these to the secretary.If x-rays have to be made it will be done at the consultation.
After you have consulted the doctor you will further be helped by the secretary . She will give you all certificates, demands for examinations, follow up appointment. It is also here that payment will be done.
We ask that you cancel your appointment by telephone or by E-mail ( at least 24 hours in advance so that we can give this appointement to other patients.Any patient who does not cancel his appointment 24 hours in advance will be liable to pay a penalty fee of 15,00€.
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